Soft Bait Supplies

Polysol and Bait Plastics LLC offers a complete line of products to support the Soft Bait Manufacturers.

Please visit our web store at for all your soft bait making supplies.  We carry Plastisol, Glitter, Pigments, Scents, Highlights, Bags and many other products.

We offer three types of standard fishing lure formulas and also customized formulations.

  • SOFT          
  • MEDIUM     
  • NON-PHTHALATE Plastisol 

Lure Plastisol Properties

  • Degassed / De-Aired
  • Low Odor
  • Low Bubbles
  • Outstanding Heat Stability
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Non Yellowing / Scorching
  • No Hard Packing

For Bulk Orders or Custom Formulations please call 844-765-9765 or email us at

Free samples available upon request!

PM112 – Soft Lure Plastisol


PM212 – Medium Lure Plastisol


PM312 – Hard / Saltwater Lure Plastisol


Plastisol Additives 

  • Softener
  • Hardener
  • Scents
  • Worm Oil
  • Heat Stabilizer
  • Pearl Powders
  • Highlights
  • Polyester Glitter
  • Pigments

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