PVC Plastisol Capabilities

PolySol LLC formulates vinyl plastisol for every major industry. Plastisols are very versatile & can be formulated to meet a wide variety of physical properties & application processes. Our manufacturing facility is ISO certified and has a dedication to quality that is second to none.

Dip Coating Plastisol: The process of a product being immersed into a plastisol batch. When the product is removed from the plastisol batch and heated a layer of plastisol is then fused onto the product itself.

  • Tool Handles       dip-coated_200pxshutterstock_210317701
  • Textile / Fabrics
  • Metal Finishing
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Plating Racks
  • Clips / Clamps
  • Boat Anchors

Dip Molding Plastisol: The process of a mold being heated and then dipped into a batch of plastisol. The item then gets stripped from the mold to form the finished product.

  • Caps, Grips, Plugs
  • Bellows / Sleeves
  • Gloves
  • Filtration
  • Busbar Boots  / Closures

Molding Plastisol: Several types of moldings are accepted to plastisol applications.

  • Manufactured Stone
  • Soft Plastic Baits / Lures
  • Mannequins
  • Boat Fenders
  • Air Filters
  • Walk Off Mats
  • Vinyl Fatigue Mats


  • Cold Dip Plastisol: The process of an product being dipped into a batch of plastisol. The dipped product then goes through an oven to cure/fuse the plastisol onto the item.
  • Slush Molding: The process used to produce hollow, flexible products by filling a mold with plastisol. Heat is then applied fusing a layer of plastisol inside the mold.
  • Rotational Molding: The process of making hollow, flexible, or ridid products using a two part mold. The mold is filled with plastisol, heated & rotated to form the final product.
  • Cast Molding: The process of dispensing plastisol into a mold then heating it so that the plastisol fuses into the finished part.
  • Open Molding: The process of molding plastisol onto or into a finished product.





Primer for Metal Coatings

  • Solvent Based Primer
  • Water Based Primer


  •   Automotive
  •   Agriculture
  •   Metal Finishing
  •   Recreational
  •   Construction / Tools
  •   Industrial Belting
  •   Toy / Novelty
  •  Filtration Industry
  •   Fishing Industry
  •   Military ( #A-A-59464A )
  •   Caps / Plugs
  •   Textiles
  •   Industrial Belting

Plastisol Properties / Characteristics

Color Matching

  • Pantone Matching
  • Clear
  • Opaque
  • Translucent
  • Fluorescent
  • Light Reflective
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Glitter

Hardness / Durometer – Shore A5 to D80

Finishes – Satin / Matte / High Gloss / Textured / Suede

Density – Vinyl Blended Foams (8.5 lb to 16 lb per gallon)

Dielectric Properties – 200-500 Volts / Mil

Resistance Properties

  • Chemical / Acids
  • High Temperature
  • Ultra-Violet
  • Oil / Gasoline
  • Abrasion
  • Cold Temperature
  • Mildew / Fungus
  • Weather

Phthalate Free Formulations

Automotive / Military Specifications